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Striving to make the world a more beautiful place every single day – without the possibility of being powerless!

Multi Aero CC offers turnkey solutions with a strong emphasis on:

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Only Genuine well-known brands and only brands that is manufactured under OEM license is sold.

Magnificent Controller System

Start & Stop the Generator from your phone.


A Certificate of compliance (COC) is issued with installation of each generator.


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Routine maintenance, done monthly as required.

Ton of Features

24/7 Monitoring on the mobile app

Receive warning messages via sms



• Assistance is provided in determining the right backup generator for your specific needs, after a needs analysis of premises and requirements have been performed.

• 100% backup of complete power supply is recommended.

• Only Genuine well-known brands and only brands that is manufactured under OEM license is sold

• The products offer system reliability with continuous running power.


• Christo believes in simplicity of switching gear – automatic transfer between Escom power and generator power. No need for manual switching.

• Every generator has an emergency cut off switch for safety purposes.


• Automatic voltage regulator – providing stable voltage output to protect your electronic equipment, while on generator power.

• Brushless maintenance free alternators

• Maintenance free deep cycle batteries installed

• Lockable, Soundproof and weather-proof canopy

• 10-12-hour diesel base tank

• 2 year/1000-hour warranty

• Manuals and training is provided



• Site inspection to determine position of generator


• Casting of concrete plinth, if required.


• Delivering and Rigging of generator into position


• Proper earthing to prevent power surges and spikes, while on generator power.


• Vented louvers or exhaust extensions if generator is placed inside a building.


• Cable sizes to match legal and safety requirements


• Hand over process and commissioning of generator is provided


• Certificate of compliance (COC) issued with installation



• Routine maintenance, done monthly or as required


• 24/7 monitoring via call center and smart phone app


• Loading of data on sim card


• Delivery of diesel, within a 150km radius.

The Magnificent Controller System changes the Power game forever.


Easy remote monitoring and management with online tools.

Preventive Maintenance

Controller will signal if faulty equipment needs attention.

Digital Levels

Low levels can be seen remotely and action can be taken.

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